MEI Communications, Inc.
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M.E.I. Communications enables clients to reach their target market within their budgets. From conception, to script writing, story boarding, direction, production, editing, special effects post-production and talent, M.E.I. Communications incorporates the best the Northwest has to offer.

M.E.I. utilizes top production crews, facilities and equipment determined by your requirements. Video Taping in state-of-the-art Digital or Beta Format and editing in nonlinear digital applications, M.E.I. Communications can offer clients a variety of finished products choices:

  • Digital or Beta masters
  • DVD's / CD's
  • Audio and/or Video streamed or compressed formats for utilization on the Web, Vimeo or You Tube channels.

MEI Communications has also produced Award Winning documentaries for clients on a variety of topics.

Check out our Video Inventory List

**Also check our Web video examples-including Quicktime
U264 compressed videos (compatible with the new HTML5 format) that we embed into clients website's, YouTube channels or email promotions