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Stock Photography & Commercial Advertising Images

We currently have over 180,000 images on file. Images can be purchased in almost any format you desire.

Cd's and DVD's of custom photos for royalty-free use can also be made to suit any need!

**Also look at our Forest Calendar images for America's and Western Forests at: (look under View past calendars - Our calendars under the archived selection)

Contact us for information about our stock photography images.

Scenic Photos
Commercial Photography

Forestry Photography
Logging Photography
Lumber - Sawmill Production


Scenic Photos (over 60,000 images on file)

arches, utah
Arches, Utah
snow on tress deschutes NF
Deschutes National Forest -Bend, Oregon
Tetons in the fall
Snake River & Grand Tetons, Wyoming
cross country skier Mt Bachelor
Skiing Mt. Bachelor, Bend, Oregon
crater lake
Crater Lake, Oregon
moss glen falls
Moss Glen Falls, Vermont

Mt Rainier from west fork timber
Mt. Rainier from West Fork timber, WA

finch pruyn timber NY
Finch Pruyn timberlands, New York
Stowe, Vermont fall
Fall - Stowe, Vermont
fall in colorado
Fall in Routt National Forest, Colorado
bristlecone pine in utah
Bristlecone Pine above 10,000 ft in Utah
capital reef, utah
Capital Reef - Utah
vermont stream
Vermont stream

weyerhauser flowers
Weyerhaeuser wildflowers-Federal Way, WA

black hills case 1
Black Hills, SD Case 1 -1st NF timber sale
arches, utah winter
Winter in Arches National Park, Utah
hoar frost
Hoar Frost in Ponderosa Pine, Oregon
Rayonier rain forest
Rainforest-Rayonier timberlands, WA

3-finger Jack3-Fingered Jack from Sparks Lake, Oregon

Arches NPArches National Park, Utah

Columbia gorgeColumbia River Gorge, Washington

Dog Falls
Columbia River Gorge, Washington
Mesa Verde
Mesa Verde, Arizona
Zion, Utah
Sunset Brookings
Sunset Brookings, Oregon coast
Sunset Willopa Bay
Sunset Willopa Bay Washington coast
West Fork train
West Fork Timber locamotive
wild iris
Wild Iris, western Oregon
Summer Lake
Summer Lake winds, Oregon
Rowena Point\
Rowena Point, Columbia Gorge, Oregon
Big horns
Big Horn mountains, Wyoming
hoar frost juniper
Hoar Frost-Ancient Juniper Bend, Oregon
Newport boat basin
Newport, Oregon boat basin
old juniper tree
Ancient Juniper - Crater Lake, Oregon
Aspens - Aspen, Colorado
Blue ridge park
Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina
Cedar breaks
Cedar Breaks, Utah
Columbia gorge
Columbia River Gorge, Washington
Dog falls2
Dog Creek falls Columbia River Gorge, WA
forest stream
Lostine River, NE Oregon
hoar frost Central ore
Hoar frost Central Oregon desert
Horsetail falls
Horsetail Falls - Columbia Gorge, Oregon
Lookout, Kellogg, Idaho
Lost lake
Lost Lake, Oregon
Lower Bryce National Park, Utah
Mt. Bachelor
Mt. Bachelor and Sparks Lake, Oregon
Mt. Bachelor2
Mt. Bachelor and Sparks Lake, Oregon
Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier from West Fork timberlands, WA
Fall foliage
N. Fork Willamette River, Oregon
N. Fork Willamette River, Oregon
flaa colors
Old McKenzie Hwy, Oregon
old photos
Old McKenzie Hwy, Oregon
prickly pear cactusPrickly Pear Cactus, Utah
red canyon
Red Canyon, Utah
Stout Grove Redwood, California
Rhododendrons, western Oregon
Rowena Point
Rowena Point, Columbia Gorge, Oregon
Rowena Point, Columbia Gorge, Oregon
San Juan NF, Colorado
Silverton, Colorado
sparks lake
Starker Forestlands, Philomath, Oregon
sparks lake
South Sister from Sparks Lake, Oregon

coastal streamCoastal stream, Oregon

The 'UP' L'Anse, Michigan

sun strean thru trees
West Fork timberlands Morton, Washington

white river
White River, Colorado
Fall foliage
Fall - The Dalles, Oregon
Silverton, Colorado
Wildflower - Siletz, Oregon
wood river
Wood River headwaters - Fort Klamath, OR


Wildlife Photography, including endangered species (over 8,000 images)

salmon jumping
big horns with flowers
crow and eagle elk-bulls
big horn sheep grizzley
buck deer elk in stream
big horns3 elk battle
bear swan
elk bull elk in stream
yellowstone bear grizzley yellowstone
herons elk at naches, wa
osprey salmon

Commercial Advertising

Commercial Advertising Photography (client proprietary)

Plugs Omley Industry
pouring ladle
cad-cam drawing purple parts
cad-cam parts smoking casting
cad-cam parts-2 insulator Omley
mazak - DPW multi colored parts omley
parts grey cloth pattern maker
cart-tek cart cart tek 2
stellar can cart tek 3
cable order cabes sat-pak
people people2
firestarter shasta

Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography (client proprietary)

oven with hot parts
red casting
eagle foundry sign pouring casting 2
moulding grinding
testing ejector mold
worker on machine aerial of eagle foundry
pouring casting ship parts
machinst DPW machine shop

Forestry & Forest Management

Forestry & Forest Management (over 60,000 images, some are client proprietary)

finch pruyn NY
finch pruyn-2
bend pine nursery rayonier rainforest
ponderosa pine snowqualamie
DRJ forester drj forester2
biologists biologists2
biologists3 greendiamond
mark gustafson herbert logging
green diamond river green logging
forest management measure trees

Logging Photography

Logging Photography (many are client proprietary)

herbert logging
gus logging
gus logging2 green diamond
green diamond2 green diamond3
green diamond4 gus logging3
green dia4 green diamond5
gus logging4 green diamond6
gus logging6 herbert logging2
herbert logging7 gus logging8
logging logger
logging logging
loading truck  


Wildfire Images

fire burnt house
burney fire
silver lake fire bomber
burney fire janesville fire
freezeout fire fire 5
waycross fire angora fire
b-b fire black crater
burney5 fire burney fire3
cachemtn fire fire1
fire 3 firepic 12
presc burn Angora fire
presc burn2 shake table
squirrel-burney fire waycross3

Lumber Mill Production

Lumber Mill Production Photography (many are client proprietary)

pond boat
pond monkey pond trimmer
lumber stack lumber stack2
headrig headrig2
headrig3 headrig4
headrig5 graders
green chain unloader
headrig7 smiling face
trimmer sharpening
headrig8 grader2
inspection lumber stack3